The Winston Salem Sportsplex is proud to announce a partnership with Twin City Youth Soccer Association for soccer training.

Individual, Small Group, or Team Training options available.

Our lead trainer is Cooper Vandermaas-Peeler.

For more info, contact Cooper at

Once players master technique, they can start using what they have learned in pressure situations.  When they can effectively use their technique under pressure, they have developed SKILL! (Skill = the ability to use technique under pressure)  All SoccerOP trainers are former players who can clearly explain and demonstrate the technical aspects of soccer.  With individual, group, and team training packages available, valuable technical training can fit into any budget.

Individual Training

Individual training is the perfect way to get an edge on the competition and really hone your skills! In a one on one setting, you and your trainer will focus on specific techniques to help elevate your game. Focuses generally include ball handling, 1 v 1 moves, passing and receiving, ball striking, and turns. Each session is tailored to a players needs…no two sessions are exactly the same!

For Individual Training , email Cooper Vandermaas-Peeler <>

Group Training

Get better together! Group training is perfect for boys and girls who want to work together to raise the level of their game. Siblings, teammates, and friends can train together! It is recommended that players who train together are on similar skill levels. Not sure? Set up a single session and your trainer can assess your groups strengths and weaknesses for you, and make sure they will be able to push each other to improve!

Team Training

Team training is a great way to bring up everyone’s level of soccer. Lots of time in these sessions is spent on individual technical ability, and the session progresses into group and team work. Strong individual fundamentals are the foundation of any great team!

For Team Training , email Cooper Vandermaas Peeler at


  • Training in a consistent manner with SoccerOp has completely transformed our daughter’s game. The time spent with her has been instrumental in helping our daughter reach her soccer goals. SoccerOp is truly her “secret weapon”!

    Tracy U12 Classic - Parent
  • Our trainer was very professional and connected well with the kids.  It is very hard to find the caliber of training that SoccerOps provided. My team has a higher level of confidence, and we are ready to start our full time training for the open division.  I believe we got our money’s worth and I am 100% satisfied.

    Brian Butterfield NCUSA - Coach
  • The training my daughter received from , SoccerOP, was invaluable in her progression in youth soccer. SoccerOPhas been instrumental in helping Haley develop her foot skills, confidence and stamina to compete at the next level, as well as break some bad habits. With her work ethic and intelligence, SoccerOP is an asset to any soccer family.

    Daria u17 Fusion - Parent
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