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Renting a field is one of the best ways to take advantage of the Soccerplex. Reserve a field (or two!) for your team to practice, or for a group of friends to come play. Also, check out our awesome birthday party and overnight packages!

Field Rentals:

  • $75/hour 5pm or later M-F, Weekends
  • $50/hour 9am- 5pm M-F

* League members $50/hour rentals

We have many other rental packages available!

Available Fields

Indoor Fields

Outdoor Fields

Additional Rental Space

Outdoor Picnic Area

Nestled in the back corner of our outdoor fields, this area has an excellent view of Field A and is perfect for a small gathering or party rental. It includes 3 tables and is secluded to give an additional feeling of privacy. Ask about reserving this space as a free addition to any outdoor party rental.

Indoor Classroom

This space is waiting on your reservation. Our spacious classroom is off the back hallway with our offices so it promises a quiet space to work or watch film. We are working on getting a projector and projection screen for your team to be able to watch film or for your organization to host an educational course. Call today for more details!

Indoor Mezzanine Area

This space sits in a perfect place for you to watch the non-stop action on our indoor fields 1 and 2. It’s a great addition to any party. Reserving this space guarantees you’ll have all the space you need for the perfect party! (Reserve one of two of our picnic tables depending on how many guests you have attending.)

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